About ESP

About ESP

Extra Special Parents (ESP) was established in 2006 in Richmond, VA as a therapeutic foster care agency. Since its inception, ESP has gained a positive reputation not only for producing above-average outcomes for youth, but also for its use of community-based services and emphasis on promoting and preserving healthy family relationships and focusing on permanency for all children. Over the last 10 years, ESP has opened two satellite offices in Virginia and has also established a community-based services agency (Extra Special Parents of Indiana) based out of Greensburg, Indiana. The goal throughout the entirety of Extra Special Parents is to provide the highest level of care possible to children and families in need.

Extra Special Parents is owned by Richard and Christina Kingswell, a highly qualified husband and wife team with extensive experience providing services to children and families. The Kingswells have started seven Mental Health and Department of Social Services programs that treat youth with mental illness and maladaptive behaviors including a treatment agency for adolescent males and a short-term diagnostic group home which expanded to five programs.

Community Based

Our ESP team provides evidence based practices and innovative approaches to empower individuals and families. We focus on creating environmental, social, and emotional stability and independence. At ESP we believe in a strengths based approach and creating a partnership with the individuals and families we serve to assist them in reaching their goals.

SA Services

At ESPIN we have staff members that are specialized in providing evidence based substance abuse services to assist clients in obtaining their optimal level of functioning. We treat all clients with dignity and respect, and provide opportunities for clients to envision healthier choices. We demonstrate compassion and understanding of the process of relapse and recovery and make a point of celebrating all successes related to their goals.

Family Services

ESP believes in a family systems and strengths based perspective and approach. We assist in the process of developing and sustaining healthy relationships and dynamics in the family system. We believe in providing hope, and in assisting families find their strengths they have to be successful. We work collaboratively to strive for permanency and stability for every child and family.

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